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Anytime Collect
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Anytime Collect is available in four product editions with scalable features based on the size and complexity of your business needs – Basic Edition for smaller businesses on Intuit QuickBooks, Express Edition for companies that want a hands-off approach to automating the receivables and collections process, Standard Edition for growing companies, and Enterprise Edition for larger global corporations. The table below provides an overview of the major features and limitations of each product edition. Click the Editions for more detailed information or contact us for a personal review of your specific business needs.

Major features include:
* Automated email for letters and statements
* Mass email collection letters and statements to multiple accounts
* Advanced rules for activity creation and work queue management
* Expected Payment & Cash Flow Forecasting
* Invoice Dispute Management
* Credit Risk Management
* Prioritized Workflow

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Every single past due customer gets an automated email thru ATC along with a link to a portal where they can print an invoice copy. A workflow that allows you to follow up with calls and additional emails. Now ATC has a function to import an NACM credit report into the customers account Since using ATC my collection ratio has significantly improved.
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Anytime Collect
Lindsey O'brien
521 Fifth Avenue
Chardon OH 44024
United States
Main Phone 440-352-4700
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