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With ClearTerms, your credit clearing nighmares are over. contacts your new customer by e-mail. Your customer completes an application for credit online, then ClearTerms goes to work...

Each of your customer's trade references is sent a request for trade reference information. makes the process easy for them by directing them to an online form which can turn your customer's application around in as little as a day.

If you're like most small business owners and credit professionals; DSO, collection schedules, cash management and the management of your staff is your biggest concern. ClearTerms is a time saving solution which requires very little management for the credit clearing function of your organization.

Best of all, the information collected for the purpose of clearing your new customers' credit is stored on, eliminating paper work headaches and increasing accuracy of trade reference information.

ClearTerms credit clearing services service using e-mail only is $12.95.
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