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Collect! Lite
* Collect! Lite does the heavy lifting.
* Collect! Lite is a great entry solution for small businesses with less than one thousand accounts. Collect! Lite offers all the essential functions of Collect! in a convenient, cloud-based format that provides access from any device with an internet connection.
* Up to 1,000 accounts
* Access for up to 5 users
* Log in from any computer, tablet or smartphone
* 10 GB of storage
* Automatic promised payment management
* Safe, secure and behind the firewall

Collect! Cloud
Minimize Capital Outlay
The Collect! cloud based hosted solution is all inclusive; the hardware, the applications, the environment, the backups and the maintenance are all taken care of for you. This substantially lowers the cost of getting started, allows you to pay for what you use in the cloud, and enables you to grow without having to reinvest in additional hardware or reconfigure systems that were not properly sized.

Maximize Benefits
There are a number of significant benefits you get automatically from the Collect! Cloud solution. For example, if an office doesn't want to hire expensive technical staff and requires remote access for management or administrative staff, then a cloud based hosted system may be the right solution for the office. In general, the portability, mobility, scalability, and availability of a cloud solution are going to fit collections offices small, medium, and large.

Safe & Stable - Keeping your data on premises can feel safer because an on premise solution is tangible, you can see it and touch it and you feel that the data is "safer" than having it on the cloud. However, a cloud based solution is more secure, more robust, and more scalable.
The servers are located at a highly secure data center with conditioned air and conditioned power and redundant everything.
Nightly backups stored at an off-site location to ensure that recovery is possible.
Highly trained staff that maintains and secures the servers.

Collect! Premise: The Credit & Collection Software Standard --
Your business depends on working accounts quickly and efficiently. Collect! is leading the way with an easy-to-use, comprehensive solution for the credit & collection industry. Collect! is built with the receivables business in mind. Because Collect! is easy to learn and use, companies can focus on collecting instead of worrying about getting organized. Collect! chosen by more than 1,400 companies in 40 countries, helping receivables management professionals organize their operations, enhance staff performance and improve profitability.
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