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Saint Nazaire les Eymes
Provides with more than 100 tools and 40 topics about Credit Management and bills collection. Credit tools helps Credit Managers and all businesses to get paid on time by their customers and avoid unpaid invoices and bad debts.
San Antonio, TX
The actions of your CREDITandSALES teams speak louder than words. Your customers see one company not two separate teams. How does your organization view them? The fact is you cannot have one without the other because uncollected sales are lost profi
Houston, TX
CSP Global Services Inc. specializes in the consulting of Business Process Improvement and Outsourcing services to a variety of industries looking to increase efficiencies while decreasing costs. CSP offers Medium sized businesses the global resourc
Port Washington, NY
An 11 year consultancy firm offering its services as bankruptcy preference expert witnesses providing customized educational programs at your location cash flow management including review of an operation with recommendations setup of a financial
Newark, DE
Services Offered: Expert Witness in Bankruptcy Preference Action; Cash Flow Enhancement; Financial Customer Service Creation; Bad Debt Recoveries; Customized on site Credit, Collection, and Accounts Receivable Training.
Monument, CO
Providing onsite credit and treasury management services; onsite seminars and other educational presentations on a variety of credit related topics.
Monument, CO
DORMAN WOOD associates Inc. has more than sixty-five years of domestic and international experience in credit collections and treasury management. Dorman Wood co-founder and President specalizes in large complex adversary preference matters and c
Oakland, CA
Former Chairman of the Board, Credit Managers Association of CA. Dreyer & Company was established in 1990. Creditors Committee representation, Gen Asg. for the benefit of creditors. General consulting in domestic commercial credit.
Oakland, CA
Commercial credit consultant. A/R consulting.

Established in 1990. Prior. VP of Credit for fortune 500 company 14 years

Member of National Advisory Committee of Dun & Bradstreet Inc.

Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Eddy A. Sumar MBA CCE CICE provides consulting services in the areas of domestic and international sales credit and collection. He can help you to devise specific plans as to how to approach risk mitigation and collections worlwide. The emphasi