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We are a boutique strategy and management consulting firm providing management consulting services for the SMB market place worldwide. We specialize in providing thought leadership in sales enablement, customer experience management innovation, customer loyalty strategies, innovative credit and cash flow initiatives, new high octane marketing strategies, leadership coaching and top line growth. In addition to the consulting, we specialize preparing companies for potential sales, moving from stagnation to explosion of sales and profits as well as corporate turn-a-rounds, and restructuring
We bring seasoned experts with a vast array of experience in multiple areas of business. Our experts bring through leadership, knowledge and tenacious problem solving to all engagements, the ideal short term management team for the positive impact and long term growth you are looking for.
Consulting services and expertise:
Economic development:
Customer strategy: Customer Experience/Loyalty/Value Prop
• Customers are defecting at an alarming rate of 10% to 30% per year. With this much abandonment, it’s no wonder productivity and economic growth are languishing. Business is conducted among strangers, trust is low, and business energy dissipates rapidly.
• To make the new model work of exploding the customer experience, most businesses will have to make fundamental changes in their business practice, refined customer targeting to revised thinking from the outside in. The secret to profitable growth? Deliver a customer experience that your competitors can’t match. It’s achieving and delivering extraordinary responsiveness. It’s a customer revolution!
Marketing: Improving efficiency and effectiveness
• From transaction to Interaction. The “you” experience. Mass markets and market segmentation have given way to a market of “one”. For the winners a new way of thinking about what business you’re in, what the customer really wants and what is your ability to deliver are all “must” in today’s marketing.
• Marketing today includes…
o Consumer will want to interact anytime from anywhere
o They will expect all interactions to be easy.
o They expect all data to be stored about them to be targeted precisely to their needs or used to personalize what they experience.

High octane sales: Sales and Channel Effectiveness
• Here's the bottom line...senior managers have a limited number of "levers" they can pull to drive profitable growth, especially if growth is needed relatively quickly. One of the most accessible and potent "levers" is optimizing the sales effort.
• Typically, however, sales productivity problems are misdiagnosed or mistreated. Many times companies often find that after implementing a new quota and bonus system, sales reps work harder without showing progress, as they are still selling the same product mix to the same customers. Thus profits and productivity continues to slide.
• Today’s customers demand more. Your sales team must move beyond demonstrating value, to being able to create new value for the customer.
• The two reasons sales people lose sales is they are not talking to right person and they don’t have a solid sales process. The more steps skipped through the sales process the greater likelihood they will lose the sale.
Management and Leadership coaching: Leading from the front
• In the architecture of a business, capabilities are basic building blocks—the key enablers of mission success stemming directly from the organization’s vision, strategy and business imperatives. Business capabilities are the specific skills the organization must refine in order to achieve competitive leadership. They are dynamic and give the organization an ability to adapt to changing market conditions—as must the IT capabilities that support them.

Credit and Receivables Management: Credit as a Strategic Advantage
• Credit management function/responsibility is unfortunately viewed as the necessary evil or sales prevention department.
o Develop strategies aligning credit and sales together to optimize competitiveness.
o Teaching credit personnel to focus on sales and profitability not delinquency percentages and losses.
o Utilizing the credit department as an extension to sales by innovative ideas to sell to more at a higher margin to all accounts.
o Abandoning the idea of selling and then chasing after dollars
Credit alliance within the company: Understanding credit interface with all aspects of a company
• Credit is often viewed as an island of itself or seen as a lone wolf. Done correctly, credit should be a key component in the daily business of a company.
o Make the credit function an everyday part of the totality of management within the business
o Business advantages of incorporating credit into sales meetings and production meetings for maximum sales and cash flow performance.
o Determine if credit should attend trade shows and or make sales calls with sales staff are decision or ideas most companies have never thought to embrace
o Making the credit department a competitive advantage and the sales person best friend.
Credit can increase cash flow and sales: Understanding discounts and credit instruments
• Clients will use discounts to increase case flow and never see other alternatives to increase cash flow and sales at the same time.
o Discounts have no real value but are commonly used
o Understanding varying terms and their impact on the profitability of the company
o Understanding credit instruments to augment sales, especially to high risk customers
o There are better alternatives than discounts

Manufacturing: Leadership
• Employees demand more, so more is required from leaders to engage them.
o Employee engagement will positively impact the bottom line through building a better product, improving productivity, safety, quality, sales, customer experience, team work and reducing turnover.
o Utilizing proper methods in the new-hire orientation process, conversations and communication methods with the experienced work force, and overcoming barriers to connect through trust will lead the way to engagement.
 A description of how the person fits into the organization, what success looks like, how others link together, working style of the group and leadership approach is important to a new employee.
• It’s imperative to have Leaders running your operation and not Managers.
o Coaching and leading reinforces desired behavior and is supportive.
o What results are expected, why the results are important, how to get the work done, who needs to be involved and why. The follow up process is imperative.
• Mobilizing others around a shared purpose and vision, building the TEAM, and having a mission and strategy that entices “buy-in” will impact the operation.

Strategic planning: Based on the 4 building blocks of business. Customers, Employees, Leadership, Innovation
Our deliverables to you…
 Differentiate from competition
 Offer high-value, high-demand services
 Attract new customers & retain existing customers
 Generate new revenue & uncover new opportunities
 Maintains customer relationship & credit and cash flow control

Generate new revenue & uncover new opportunities
 High margin revenue streams
 Professional services revenue
 Planning, design, installation, migration & app revenue
About Core Strategies Consulting Services
A consulting firm that believes today’s volatile marketplace creates constant competitive movement, fluctuation threats and lucrative opportunities. Business success requires a fluid approach where an end-to end predictable and repeatable sales process can anticipate and respond within limited windows of opportunity. Include forward thinking credit strategies and you have a receipt for exponential growth and profitability. Core Strategies works with you to successfully optimize and execute profound and proven strategies and tactics for predictable and exponential results.

Core Strategies has integrated time tested principles to optimize any companies potential. To assure implementation and mastery, we develop execution plans to track directly with sales performance objectives to bridge the gap between strategy and business results

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