Credifax Atlantic Limited

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Credifax Atlantic Limited
21 Williams Avenue, Suite 4
(877) 554-4667 (Main Phone)
Credifax offers quality credit reporting services at competitive prices. Our reporting services improve your ability to make informed credit decisions and help reduce the risks associated with credit granting. Whether you require credit reports on businesses or individuals, in Canada or the U.S.A., Credifax has access to the information you need. Our Investigative Reports provides accurate and up-to-date information, enabling our customers to make profitable credit decisions. Our Early Warning Report (EWR) and our Credifax Legal Report (CLR) weekly bulletins ensure you keep abreast of changes in credit worthiness at the earliest possible stage. Credifax also provides specialized Credit Group Services, notably in the Construction & Industrial, Foodservice and Advertising industries. When granting credit to small, unincorporated businesses you may want to examine a credit report on the principal(s) of the business. Direct access is available on CredinetTM Online to our database. Whether you need to pre-qualify prospective new customers, or monitor the on-going risk after the sale, Credifax has the credit reporting services to suit your needs at reasonable prices
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