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The DadePay family of products enable straight through processing for your customer payments. Offer your customers new, convenient payment options and improve customer satisfaction while dramatically reducing your processing costs.

The DadePay Family of Products

DadePay AR Automation
Eliminate costly manual processes with straight through processing of incoming payments of any kind including cash, checks, ACH, wire, credit cards and files from 3rd party lockbox providers. DadePay AR automatically matches payments to open billing/account receivables, including tedious exceptions and deposits your checks in the bank.

DadePay Mobile
Empower your field representatives to dramatically accelerate the receivables process by giving them the ability to capture payments (check, cash, and ACH) and remittance information. Using a smart phone or tablet while in the field, transactions require just a few clicks to automatically match payments to invoices and other remittance documents for expedited deposit and improved DSO.

DadePay ePayments
DadePay ePayments delivers powerful electronic bill presentment capabilities that prompt customers via email or text alerts to make their payments anywhere, anytime using a mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

DadePay Mailroom
Automates the processing of all types of loan payments and deposits received by the financial institution. Fully scalable to handle growth and increased volumes, DadePay Mailroom virtually eliminates manual intervention.

DadePay Remote Deposit Capture
DadePay RDC is our advanced merchant capture service for both web and mobile channels. Merchants can deposit checks from any desktop or smart phone. RDC can be easily upgraded to AR Automation. DadePay RDC can be easily upgraded to DadePay Virtual Lockbox.

DadePay Virtual Lockbox
Virtual Lockbox provides an exciting new opportunity for financial institutions to offer cost-effective, fee-based remote lockbox services to their business customers.

DadePay Transaction Manager
Allows your financial institution to monitor all transactions to identify out-of-balance exceptions and/or “flagged” transactions based on user-defined rules to find potential fraudulent or other anomalous transactions.
DadePay Technology
The DadePay family of products are built on an advanced proprietary inference engine and share a common code base. Taking advantage of the latest open source technologies, DadePay is developed using the powerful Java based Ruby on Rails framework. Our application architecture is designed in a manner that allows the import of data and files in any format from any source at any time. Likewise, output from our system is dynamically reformatted such that it can be directly ingested by the AR, billing, core, or other business applications it’s updating. Our objective is to facilitate straight through processing with as close to real-time response as possible. Designed from its inception as a SaaS application that will run on all popular browsers without any operating system dependency, DadePay also includes full support for mobile platform based deployments. Leveraging an open source technology stack that is robust, proven, and secure allows DadeSystems to operate our technology infrastructure with a significant cost advantage over that of our competition. Our development team utilizes a Test Driven Development methodology that allows us to introduce new features and modifications very quickly, typically within days, versus the months usually associated with traditional development approaches. This combination of technology and development methodology allows DadeSystems to be very responsive to market and customer demands and continually enhance our family of SaaS products pushing new features to our customers every several weeks without any requirement on their part to download or install new software.
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