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With ezCash, your collectors, sales, and service staff can review customer balances and dialogues remotely, any time, via an Internet browser or WAP enabled device. This ensures they know -- in real time -- all about any payment and customer satisfaction issues before they contact your customers. It also enables them to enter into the system "customer calls" and "follow-up actions" that are visible through your intranet. This immediate visibility provides the foundation for well informed business decisions such as suspending service or placing a hold on a new order.

Simple integration with imaging systems can make your customer invoices, statements, and remittances (double-sided check images) available at the click of a mouse. Online aging reports and account histories provide instant visibility to management information. Collection effectiveness can be easily measured and tracked. Management can balance collector workload and assign follow-up calls based on the age of an outstanding invoice.

Using Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser, ezCash can dramatically reduce the cost of eBusiness Application deployment. A secure web connection makes customer information available to your remote sales force, as well as your partners and resellers.

Customer specific knowledge

ezCash can help you identify problem accounts and engage appropriate company personnel early in the problem-resolution process. Internal communication is key to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of your cash collection process.

What's more, you will gain valuable knowledge about customer payment practices. Using this knowledge, you can develop collection strategies that make effective use of both your human and financial resources.

With ezCash you will accelerate your cash collections and know what your customers owe you … how old your receivables are … how much cash you collected today... and more.
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