FISCAL Trade Credit Manager

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An easy-to-use commercial lending software application, FISCAL is a dynamic financial statement spreading, analytics, and reporting tool designed to maximize operational efficiency while reducing credit risk and exposure.

Its single platform produces cash flow analysis, projection models, industry benchmarking, CRE stress testing and credit risk ratings using personal and business financial statements or tax returns. FISCAL’s reporting and analysis provide sound guidance for responsible profitable lending.

From rigid, time-consuming data entry to fixed and limited report sets, many systems frustrate users with inflexible processes and inadequate analysis. FISCAL makes it easy to get information in and to get information out, with as much or as little detail as the situation or pending deal may require.

The FISCAL Advantage
Put your credit lending policies and procedures into action. Let FISCAL help you manage credit risk by identifying dangers and opportunities on new loan applications, regular reviews, and at any time during the life of the loan.

Effective Statement Spreading is at the heart of what FISCAL does for you. With all the pertinent data brought together in one place, you have easy access to the insight needed to make responsible, profitable lending decisions. FISCAL’s financials are simple and straightforward, with spreads in a clear, consistent format that is familiar and easy to work with for users at every stage, from data entry to analysis and review.

With your data in place, FISCAL’s powerful tools calculate ratios, trends, cash flow reports, multi-year analyses and projections. Industry benchmarks, such as RMA’s Annual Statement Studies™ and the IRS Statistics of Income, are included for peer comparison.

Simple data entry. Work directly in the spread.
* Data entry templates correspond to standard tax forms and financial statements.
* No uploading or downloading spreadsheets or forms
* Enter once and done with easy additions and edits at any time
* Add explanatory cell notes which can be included on reports
* Spread unlimited deals with no added cost
* Hide unused rows; add, delete, and rename detail rows
* Import loan, deposit, and personal/business info from core – always up-to-date.
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