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Global Credit Services, LLC
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New York, NY 10016
United States
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Global Credit Services is a leading provider of business-to-business, financial risk management solutions.

Since 1996, Global Credit Services has helped corporations measure, control, and mitigate risk with in-depth financial analysis, predictive scoring, real-time information, and a robust database covering U.S. and international companies. Its mission is to provide value-added input that helps clients efficiently make prudent risk management decisions consistent with their risk profiles.

Global Credit Services has been a trusted resource for risk management professionals for the past 20 years. And, its team of experienced industry analysts delivers in-depth credit research and analysis across a broad spectrum of the retail sector.

In addition to its research and analysis, Global Credit Services offers web-based solutions to speed and standardize risk management decisions by providing timely, relevant, unbiased, and actionable information. Its suite of flexible web-based tools enables clients to make informed decisions about their sales prospects, customers, counterparties, and suppliers.

■ Coverage includes financial data and news for 54,000 publicly-traded companies worldwide.
■ Industry-specific, time-tested, financial risk models covering public and private companies.
■ In-depth credit research and analysis provided across a broad spectrum of the retail sector.
■ Dramatically increased risk management productivity and return on investment.

Global Credit Services’ global clients and risk managers within these organizations routinely utilize its research and analysis – combining web-based access to its information and tools with high-touch access to its team of expert industry analysts.

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Global Credit Services, LLC
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10 East 40th Street
New York NY 10016
United States
Main Phone 917-388-8800

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