HMH Legal, debt collection and litigation in Mexico

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HMH Legal
Los Angeles 453, Las Palmas
Tijuana, B.C.
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HMH Legal aimed at creating a flexible law firm structure that would serve as a credit and collections department for small and medium companies. Our main goal was to provide a professional service with cost-effective results. Today, HMH Legal has been able to achieve this by casting a reliable team of lawyers, credit management specialists, fully trained collectors, and dependable correspondent attorneys throughout the country. At the center there is a group of experienced and knowledgeable litigation attorneys who are mindful of a strategic collection process based on effective collection techniques. This turns us into savvy collectors and the most capable advisors on credit management issues. All of this has resulted in the perfect organizational structure for:

- Placing an account receivable or debt claim for collection in Mexico: all the qualities of an effective collection agency but ready to act legally with the best possibilities of a successful outcome in court.
- Getting sound advice on credit-management issues for extending loans or conducting sales in Mexico: a fully capable law firm exceeding on commercial risk mitigation based on its experience on debt-collection cases that were the result of poor credit decisions.
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