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The purpose of this group shall be to collect, compile, and exchange credit experience information and to discuss improvements in credit management techniques and other subjects of general interest to members of the industry. This credit group may include in membership any company, which:

is involved in the initial conversion of logs into forest products.
shall have sales in excess of U.S. $200 million from such forest products in the most recent calendar or fiscal year prior to application for membership.
shall have a full-time employee whose primary responsibility is providing credit management and related services for the company, but who does not have a responsibility relating to sales of forest products for the company.
is a member in good standing of any NACM affiliate in the United States.

Forest products are defined to mean lumber, plywood and panel products utilized primarily in the commercial and home construction industries and distribution such forest products shall be national in scope, and not merely regional. A company shall be eligible for membership in this credit group as described in the Bylaws.
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